A big bowl of what's cooking today at The Jersey Giant. See our Blackboard for today's specials.

French Onion Soup $8.99
Sautéed onions simmered in a rich broth topped with melted Swiss cheese.

Mexican Nachos $11.99
Crispy corn tortillas smothered with mixed cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, green onions jalapenos, served with salsa & sour cream. Add smothered with CHILI $2.50

Coconut Shrimp $10.99
5 Beer battered Tiger shrimp rolled in coconut and deep fried, served with the chefs zesty dipping sauce.

Calamari $9.99
Fresh Squid lightly coated with our seasoned batter and fried to a golden brown, served with our Tzatziki dip

Spring Rolls $6.99
Wow 3 homemade vegetarian spring rolls. Served with a spicy Thai dipping sauce.

Pita, Breads and Dips $8.99
With hummus, roasted red pepper and walnut, and grilled artichoke and asiago dip.

Coney Island Fries $10.99
Homemade fries, smothered with chili and topped off with melted cheese. Feeling hungry!

Yam Frites $5.99
Deep fried yams served with sour cream. All the rage.

Poutine $8.99
A French Canadian favourite. Our homecut French fries topped with cheese curds & gravy

From the Flat Breads
Santa Fe Chicken $9.99
Chicken breast w/ smoked bacon, season tomatoes, green onions, blended cheese, lettuce and drizzled w/ garlic Aioli

Vegetable Taponade $9.99
Black Olive puree, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, red onions and Asiago/ goat cheese

Rio Rancho Beef $9.99
Diced beef, Bermuda onions, roasted red peppers, Monteray Jack cheese, butter chicken sauce and Cilantro Drizzle